Monday, October 19, 2009

Mapping performer parameters to synthesis engines ANDY HUNT† and MARCELO M. WANDERLEY‡

It's been awhile because of the time off last week, but in the meantime we had to read a paper by Hunt and Wanderly about different mapping strategies for electronic insturments; that is, mapping to the player.

I honest to God found the paper a little monotonous in that there was a lot of saying what had already been said (well duh I hear you say :) ).

But I guess there were some interesting findings and views, in particular the experiment revealing that people prefered and excelled at the harder task, in this case, the more complex instrument (where are all the lazy people gone to?)

The idea of mapping is certainly something I figure though that I should consider when making my project, though with the ideas in mind, it shouldn't be so complex, but the points made in the paper about one-to-one ect made me think.

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